Important Documents Required While Applying For A Driving License

While applying for a driving license, there is a whole bunch of identification and documents that you need before applying for a driving license in the UK. You must have the nine-digit passport number while applying for driver’s license. You must also have a biometric UK passport. Here the photograph and the signature will be on the similar page. You may not send biometric passport while making an application, if this is the case, you will need to have a correct identity document that is genuine while applying for a driving license. Although most of the rules are applicable to the whole of UK, there are exceptions for many others instead.


Various Other Forms Of Identification That Needs To Be Produced

Here is a list of other types of identity documents that you need to produce while applying for a drivers’ license. Here we discuss some of the following identity papers and documents if you do not have the biometric passport. Passport should be current or valid along with an id card for various nationals from various countries. You will also need to present a European Union national identity card and travel documents. Turn in your original documents along with the driving license application.

Here Is A List Of What You Cannot Use:-

  • Photocopies
  • Laminated certificates
  • Certified copies that include the certification by one of the post office documentation certification service. If you need the passport within this or next month, do not send in your passport. Instead, delay a while until you travel.

What To Do, If You Are A Pensioner?

if you are finally aged and reached your state-pension age, here is a list of what you can send in your originals of the following listed below:-

  • Something that is current (3 months or so), including building society or your bank statement that shows your pension payment and even your national insurance.
  • BR2102, BR2103 and the BR5899 letter that confirms that you are eligible for a state pension.

Adoption And The UK Birth Certificates

You Are Eligible To Use The UK Birth Certificate That You Can Send Along With The Following:-

  • NIA or national insurance card along with a letter. This should be a recommendation from DWP or department for work and pensions that also shows your National insurance number.
  • Photocopy of its frontal page of the benefit book, or also the original benefits claim letter.
  • P45, or P60 or your pay slip.
  • Divorce papers or marriage certificate
  • Union card of the college and the university.
  • You could also use the school record

–    Finally, you could also use the pass citizen card

What To Do If Your Name Has Changed?   

You will have to provide proof that your name has changed since the identity doc was issued to you. If you are providing them with details, then there should be a clear link between your name and the identity document within your current time. Anyone who signs the form and the photograph must be a resident of the UK, knows personally, not a relative, not living at the same address. Here are a few of the suitable people who can actually sign your photo and forms include shopkeeper and local business person, police officer, librarian, or a civil servant. If you have any problem in filling the form or in the form details, you can call DVLA for your help.

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