What Is The Right Time To Call The DVLA Support Team?

If you want to drive then, you must have a license for that. No matter whether it is a two-wheeler or car you must have a license to drive the same on any public road. There are many mobile friendly phone numbers of the DVLA where you can get a good suggestion as well as help. If you want to register your vehicle or your want to pay the tax on the vehicle, then you must call these phone numbers.

How To Solve Your Issues?


There are different phone numbers as a dedicated helpline for some particular issues. You may call them for any particular question or any complaints. You may use 0843 504 7161 or 0300 790 6801 to contact them. You don’t have to pay additional charges because these numbers are mobile friendly. There are advisers who will help you to get the solution of the problems. No matter what you do vehicle registration is necessary to solve all the issues.

What Is The Right Time To Communicate With DVLA Team?

If you have general queries, SORN, Tax, and vehicle-related questions, then you can call between 8 AM to 7 PM and these lines are open from Monday to Saturday. If you want to sell your car or vehicles, then you can call them to inform the same. In the case of alteration of the details of the V5C then you have to inform them. There is a great system that will help you to sort out all the issues. You may call these numbers under the following circumstances.

  • In the case of general inquiries such as driver license and complaints then you can call 0843 504 7161. You will be charged 7P/min,however, additional charges may be applied.
  • If you are unable to find any guide then you can reach DVLA for that, they are happy to help. If you need any comprehensive information about the licensing, then you can ask for that.
  • In the case of discount on the license, you can ask for this information. You can get the same even from the

How To Get Assistance Over The Phone?

There are general customer service telephone numbers for the drivers. You can ask them anything related to tax inquiries and registration of the vehicle. They are quite helpful even for renewal of the license over the telephone. You may call them for the following cases.If you want to get a V5C vehicle registration certificate, then you can call them.If you want to achieve the DVLA information, then you can do the same.

How Does The Phone Number Of The DVLA Have Made Everything Easy?

It is quite easy to get a personalize registration number on your car, all you need to call them. If you have imported a car from outside, then you should ask for the proper number plate. You may call the DVLA executive or support team which is available at 0300 790 6802. The registration proves that you have paid all the fees and taxes related to the car that also states that you are eligible to drive on the public road.

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